About Dr. Steuernagle

Dr. Steuernagle is an alumnus of Apple Inc., and The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. This background focused on the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the modern workplace as well as using and developing cutting edge approaches to complex problems. He is interested in healthcare provider interaction with technology and how that interaction can improve the practice of medicine and the outcomes of patient interactions for both patient and provider. He wants to bring an open-source philosophy to modern medicine – transparency is the future, more data leads to better, more informed decisions for both patients and providers.

His interests are in novel data visualization – making complex sets of data approachable, digestible and most importantly meaningful/actionable. This requires thoughtful human interface design in EMR/medical systems and research, including new platforms such as mobile and tablet computing.

Finally, he is interested fostering and joining those who wish to bring a disruptive and entrepreneurial spirit to the medical field while never losing the simple, powerful goal set by William J. Mayo over 100 years ago – “The best interest of the patient is the only interest to be considered.”